More and more people are choosing to heat their homes with the air conditioner heat pump. What benefits are there? Let’s take a look at consumption levels.

We are used to using our air conditioners to cool our home during the hottest months of summer; however, modern models are equipped with a heat pump, and, by supplying hot air, an inverter conditioner is perfect also to heat up a home. Its operation is very easy: to warm up a room, the air conditioner takes air from the outside and conveys it inside the house, raising the temperature via electric power. Inverter technology provides greater comfort, optimizes power consumption and limits waste.

Heating your home with an air conditioner: when is it cost-effective?

A heat pump air conditioner is one of the systems that warms up a home more quickly; on average, it takes 15 minutes to warm up a room to the desired temperature, contrary to a heater or radiator, that can take hours.

Another advantage is that, to heat your home with an air conditioner, you don’t need any gas.

Air conditioners are perfect for those who live in areas with a mild climate, and temperatures that never reach zero. Lastly, the air conditioner does not require the same maintenance as a boiler; often times, boilers break, stop working, lose pressure, and must be checked every 2/4 years, by law. The only maintenance required on the boiler is checking its filters.

Air conditioner consumption

Air conditioner consumption depends on several factors, as well as the costs for the electric power consumed. You should consider the following aspects:

  • Climate conditions and building’s geographic position;
  • Internal building insulation;
  • Electric supply and type of contract;
  • Air conditioner model and energy class;
  • Personal use of the appliance.

A latest-generation air conditioner consumes between 300 W and 600 W, which correspond to 30% savings in the bill. In short, to keep the cost low, you should choose an air conditioner with a class higher than A and inverter technology, because, once it reaches the desired temperature, it automatically sets up to upkeep it.

How to set hot air in the air conditioner?

Easy-peasy! Just take the remote control and look for the hot air symbol on the air conditioner: you will recognize it straight away, because it is usually a sun icon. Or from the Mode button, scroll down the different functions, until you find the Heat mode.

If you have a smart air conditioner, you can turn it on directly from the hOn app. Just select the Heat program (up to 30°C) and start the air conditioner right away, or plan its operation. You can choose the temperature, fan speed and direction.

1 February 2022 hOn