Did you know that you can customize the hOn homepage however you like? Update the application to be able to customize its appearance and make it even more convenient! 

Adapt the homepage of the hOn app to your own needs! How? Download the new update available from the App Store, Google Play or App Gallery

There are many new features coming, let us take a look at them one at a time! 

With a new browsing experience comes…

A new richer and more customizable interface

The application becomes even more flexible and interactive thanks to the new design and introduction of exclusive Smart Widgets, to help you manage all your daily activities in the way you like. 

Customize and rearrange 

From now, the cards that make up the homepage can be reorganized just as you like

The procedure is very intuitive: just tap on the Settings icon. Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to: 

  • Reorder your appliance cards and Smart Widgets by clicking on the item for two seconds and dragging it to where you want it. 
  • Change the name of your appliances by tapping on the pencil icon. 
  • Hide the widgets that you don’t want or need. 

The choice is now up to you! 

More intuitive and interactive navigation 

  • The notification icon is now clickable, and takes you directly to the notification centre. 
  • The status of your appliances is presented in a more complete and transparent way, using a new colour scheme and better phrasing. 
schermata home hon

New Smart Widgets for everyone

The hOn experience is enriched with many new features, now including Smart Widgets! Available to everyone: simply update the app to access a world of smart features designed to make your life easier with technology!  

Want the right washing programme for your garments without having to read the instruction booklet? Or convert food weights into different units without using a scale? Whatever your needs, the new hOn Smart Widgets allow you to fully experience the Smart Home ideal, introducing automated procedures that will revolutionize your way of living at home! All for free and within the reach of your smartphone. Curious to discover all the possibilities available to you?

schermata app hon smart widget

A better browsing experience among the contents

The content section of the app homepage has also been updated! Navigate the hOn blog intuitively, and discover a world of content and articles about connectivity, sustainability and technology.  

Learn how to live more efficiently thanks to smart devices, and get plenty of tips on saving money and reducing waste at home. 

And if you are a Wine Lover, don’t miss the special section dedicated to you. You’ll find many curiosities and useful tips on the world of wine!  

Start your discovery of the numerous contents, and enjoy the unique, full experience that you can only have with hOn! 

, 16 May 2023 hOn