No more tepid drinks: discover the secret to always serving the perfect drink

Have you ever popped open a bottle of prosecco or champagne, hoping that it was at the perfect serving temperature, only to find it was too warm or too cold? Or maybe you’ve rushed to the fridge on a hot summer’s day, praying that your favourite drink has already reached the perfect temperature. Fear no more fear, with Drink Assistant, the new hOn app Smart Widget, serving drinks at the wrong temperature will be a thing of the past.

The importance of the right fridge temperature

Imagine uncorking a fine bottle of wine at a special dinner. You’d want every sip to be perfect, right? That’s why it’s essential to know the correct storage and serving temperature for your drinks. Think about the feeling of opening a can of beer with friends during a match. The temperature of a beer taken straight from the fridge can make the difference between an enthusiastic “Great, thanks!” and a polite “I’ll just have a bit”. And if you’ve ever done a quick search on how long lemon juice needs to stay in the fridge before using it to make a cocktail, you know how crucial it can be to find the right answer when you need it. Luckily there is hOn, the reliable guide that guarantees you a quick, smart solution!

Drink Assistant by hOn: your ace in the hole!

Whether you’re wondering how long it will take for water to cool in your fridge, or trying to figure out exactly how to keep drinks cool for Sunday’s barbecue, hOn’s Drink Assistant is there for you. This new Smart Widget not only tells you how long your favourite drink needs to cool, but also notifies you exactly when it’s ready to enjoy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the details about your drink: type, container material, volume, and, obviously, the starting or room temperature.
  2. Drink Assistant will then calculate how long you should keep your drink in the fridge before it reaches the right temperature.
  3. Just as soon as your drink reaches that perfect temperature, the hOn app will send you a notification.

Cheers to technology that makes our lives a little easier!

, 29 September 2023 hOn