Weighing without a scale? It’s now possible, thanks to Food Converter, the new widget from the hOn app

Cooking requires precision. Whether it’s a complicated recipe or a simple dish, the right amount of ingredients is essential. And who’s never asked: how many grammes in a spoonful of sugar? or how many grammes in 100 ml?

Here’s where you need Food Converter by hOn, the new kitchen helper that guarantees precise measurements, even without a scale.

How to weigh ingredients without a scale? Find the answers with your smartphone.

You’re in the middle of making a cake and you realise you don’t have a scale. Or your favourite recipe uses different measurements from those you’re used to. And suddenly you’re wondering how to weigh butter without a scale or how to measure ingredients using only simple domestic utensils. Food Converter, the new Smart Widget from the hOn app, is here to save the day.

With its conversion feature, you can measure ingredients with a tablespoon, a teaspoon or a handy cup, making the task of preparing food simpler and hassle-free. For example, want to know how many tablespoons in 100 g of flour? Easy, it’s 7 tablespoons! Or how many ml in a cup? 237 ml!

In short, with a few simple clicks on your smartphone you’ll find it easy to convert quantities into the desired units of measurement. All in real time and with accurate results, to facilitate the preparation process and guarantee chef-quality dishes.

How to measure ingredients with Food Converter: a quick guide

Essentially, if you want to find out, for example, how many grammes are in a tablespoon, download the hOn app and say goodbye to uncertainty. With a few simple steps, you can weigh ingredients without a scale and do the perfect conversion.

  1. Choose your ingredient: the first step is to select the ingredient you need to convert. From flour to sugar, olive oil and many other foods!
  2. Enter the quantity: once you’ve chosen the ingredient, enter the quantity you have available.
  3. Select the unit of measurement: just decide which unit you want to start from and which you want to obtain.
  4. You’ll get the conversion instantly: in moments you’ll know the exact quantity in your chosen unit of measurement!

With the hOn Food Converter at your side, measuring is child’s play! And remember, next time you’re wondering how to weigh ingredients without a scale, hOn has the answer!

, 31 October 2023 hOn