How does an induction hob works and how it can help you save in your bill?

Induction hobs are the safest way to cook! Thanks to this technology, risks are reduced to a minimum, even in case of a distractions, and in families with children.

Pots for induction hobs

And now the important question: will your pots work on an induction hob? Good news: switching to an induction hob does not mean getting rid of all your pots.

The only rules for them to work on an induction hob is to have a ferrous bottom, so yes to cast iron, steel, enamel steel, and stainless steel, and no to aluminium, copper, brass, glass, ceramics and porcelain. This because the induction hob acts as a magnet, and transfers heat to the pots through the magnetic field it generates when it touches them.

How can you know if your pots can be used on an induction hob? Here is a little trick! Take a magnet and place it against the pot bottom; if it stays attached, then they are compatible with an induction hob. Magnetization is also specified on the pot label, with a coil-looking symbol.

Induction hob consumption

Induction hobs are the perfect choice for energy savings. And here is why:

  • Renewable energy: contrary to gas, which is a fossil fuel and generates CO2, induction hobs consume electric power, which can be obtained from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic panels.

  • Speed: induction hobs reduce cooking times. Just think that it only takes 3 minutes for 1 litre of water to boil over. This means also lower energy consumption.

  • Efficiency: heat dispersion is minimum, because induction is generated only on the pot bottom, when it directly touches the plate.

Induction hob: how does it work?

Smart induction hobs offer a series of unique functions, which can be accessed through the hOn app.

Access the recipe book and cook like a pro, with over 80 automatic recipes, designed by actual chefs and tailored made for your hob. This function adapts to your pace, especially if you work all day and never know what to cook!

With the hOn app, you can also start the program or recipe you’ve chosen. Standard programs help you follow basic cooking techniques – boiling, deep frying, melting and preserving – while special programs are designed to obtain a perfect result, based on the recipe you are making: choose the main ingredient, cooking method (pan, sous-vide, grill, steam or slow-cooker) and hOn will indicate the right program, along with some cooking tips.

Lastly, manage your consumption from a specific section: with the power control option, you can set the maximum consumption level of your hob.

1 February 2022 hOn