To get the best out of your air conditioner, enjoy the cool air and reduce your bill, you should take a few precautions: how and when should you clean the air conditioner filters?

Summer is almost over, temperatures are dropping and the air conditioner is less and less needed. Before turning it off until next year, you should check its operation. Having a clean air conditioner means breathing clean air, and limiting the proliferation of bacteria and dust, very annoying for those who suffer from allergies.

Indeed, this appliance should be cleaned at least twice a year: in spring and in September/October, when you replace it with heating, or when you use it in the winter to heat and purify your home.

How to replace the air conditioner filters to clean it

The quickest way to remove dust is to remove the outer cover and use a vacuum cleaner: you will free the air conditioner from all the dirt built up over the months in just a few minutes. Then, clean it with a microfibre cloth and a degreaser, and use a good germicidal product on the air conditioner inner section. Now you just need to clean the filters. How do I replace the air conditioner filters? If the appliance is equipped with standard filters, just remove them carefully, dust them and wash them in a lukewarm water and neutral detergent solution. Then let the filters dry outside, away from sunlight, before refitting them.

Sanitizing the air conditioner filters: how?

If you use the air conditioner frequently and intensively, we recommend performing several sanitizing operations during the year, at least every two months.

To remove any possible pathogen, you need an air conditioner sanitizer with virucidal action (spray); spray it on the air conditioner flaps and on the outer grid with a dry microfibre cloth. Don’t forget to sanitize the filters and the battery. Before sanitizing the air conditioner filters, sanitize your hands and use disposable gloves and a surgical mask.

Are you afraid you won’t remember to clean the air conditioner filters? The hOn app will tell you when it’s time, and will allow you to activate programs such as Self Clean to perform an automatic air conditioner cleaning, and – on some models – Steri-Clean 56°, an automatic cleaning plus 60 minute sterilization. A notificationwill suggest you to activate the function every 30 days: if the air conditioner is not cleaned periodically, dirt can reduce the heat exchange by 5-30%.
Other interesting functions help you obtain the highest energy efficiency and offer you an optimal comfort experience. Through the smart Eco Sensor mode, the air conditioner can detect the environmental conditions and people movement in real time; and with the hOn app, you can schedule a complete automation of ordinary and maintenance functions, with the Scheduling option.

, 8 October 2021 hOn