The washing machine art can be learned by trial and error! Find out how to remove a stain from your clothes without ruining them, and how to select the right quantity of detergent.

Many stains equals a lot of detergent? No, this equation does not work in practice! Many people don’t know that adding more detergent – apart from being a waste – does not automatically equate to having a cleaner laundry. Here are some tips to know how to remove a stain from your clothes, make them last longer and limit waste, also thanks to technology.

Washing machine with automatic detergent dosing: the green choice

A washing machine with automatic detergent dosing independently takes the right quantity of detergent, based on several parameters: weight, cycle and temperature, water hardness and degree of soiling. The right quantity of detergent will ensure an optimal result, while an insufficient quantity will require a re-wash and an excessive quantity can damage the fabrics. On average, a washing machine with automatic detergent dosing lets you save up to 30% of detergent compared to traditional washing machines.

For connected devices, with the hOn app you can see the suggested detergent quantity for each cycle on your smartphone: you will see two icons indicating the type (powder or liquid) and quantity of detergent, based on the washing cycle and temperature selected. If both options (powder and detergent) are possible, choose the one you like best.

How do I remove a stain from my garments?

Obviously, common soiling is one thing, and stains are another; they should be treated with the right product, without putting the garment in the washing machine, with the rest of your laundry. Washing machine detergents are not effective on all kinds of stains; however, even resorting to aggressive stain removers is ideal, especially when it comes to protecting the environment. So, how do I remove a stain from my garments? You can use traditional products, such as vinegar, salt, Marseilles soap and baby powder. For stubborn stains, you can opt for alcohol, ammonia and bleach; when using it on coloured garments, use a gentle bleach, to prevent any damages.

How to remove stains from fabrics

Every stain has a trick! Open the hOn app and read our stain guide: you’ll find over 50 tips on the safest and most effective methods to remove stains and obtain the best results when caring for your garments. Is the stain still fresh and there is no time to waste? Open the chat to ask the virtual assistant for advice, by entering your request or pressing the microphone to speak. For instance, if you write, “How do I remove grass stains?”, the assistant will answer you by suggesting the best products and treatments to tackle your small “emergency”. And after the microphone, have you ever thought of using your smartphone camera to obtain a personalized washing cycle?

, 8 October 2021 hOn