Get shiny, clean dishes with Fairy and hOn, discover all the secrets to get the best out of your cleaning time. 

It’s a common belief that you should rinse your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. According to a study conducted in 2020 by Fairy, a brand by Procter & Gamble, in UK 36% of dishwasher users pre-treat dishes before loading into the dishwasher by rinsing, soaking and scrubbing with water and soap. In Spain this percentage goes up to 57% and in Italy it reaches 67%. But is it really necessary to waste all this water and time? 

Why experts suggest to avoid pre-rinsing 

Fairy, one of the main dishwasher detergents available in Europe, takes sustainability to the heart of its innovation effort and constantly investigates how to reduce the environmental footprint of its products by educating consumers on how to adopt more eco-friendly behaviours. From Fairy’s research, it emerges that a significant part of the environmental footprint of dishwashing products is linked to their use – in particular to the washing temperature and the volume of water consumed

Turns out pre-rinsing is one of the most wasteful practices. Without pre-rinsing, nearly 1.3 billion litres of water could be saved in Europe. That’s more than 200 Olympic swimming pools! All this waste is totally unnecessary and avoidable. Recent innovations such as dishwashers equipped with soil sensors and the new dish detergent formulation developed by Fairy make pre-rinsing seem not only wasteful but also unnecessary and counter-productive. 

How to get sparkling clean dishes without pre-washing

All you need to do is scrape off any leftover food from your dishes, throw it into the bin or compost and then let your dishwasher tackle all the rest.  

If you wish to get sparkling clean dishes and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time, Fairy has the best solution for you: Fairy Platinum Plus, Fairy’s best cleaning collection that allows you to obtain outstanding cleaning results even on the toughest messes, with no need to pre-wash, and even in short cycles to help you save water and energy. Fairy Platinum Plus has a Built in Prewash system that rehydrates, lifts and breaks down even baked on food to get your dishes perfectly clean in one wash. Check out the hOn app and discover the new Fairy quick cycle that in combination with Fairy Platinum Plus will give you the best tough food cleaning in less than 1h.  

Just by following this simple tip and avoiding pre-rinsing from now on, you can bring more green into your dishwashing routine. Stay tuned and check the hOn news to find more; together with Fairy experts, we will guide you to get the best from your cleaning activities while reducing your carbon footprint.

15 June 2022 hOn