Smart working is becoming more and more common. Therefore, redesigning our spaces and setting up an ergonomic workstation – with the help of technology – has become imperative.

During the lockdown, our work habits have changed: smart working has become an actual way of working that is here to stay.

This is why we should tackle these new working methods and rethink our home spaces, starting from our workstations at home.

How do I create a home office? Basic furniture

Since those working from home are basically always sitting down, we need to consider the type of chair: normal chairs are not ideal for someone who needs to be at their desk for eight hours per day. There are office chairs that can match the style of your home: what’s important is that they are ergonomic, with a high and enveloping backrest, ideally with adjustable armrests and, possibly, with wheels, for smoother movements.

The most important home office furniture is the desktop. If there is a window, it should be to the left or right of the workstation, and never in front or behind it. The ideal table should be height adjustable and have sufficient space to place the monitor, keyboard and mouse on it, and also a few accessories, such as a lamp and a plant, to help you focus and feel better.

Ergonomic workstation: 5 tips

How do I make my work space more ergonomic and productive? Try with these simple solutions:

  • Straight back, loose shoulders and aligned elbows: set the height of your chair so that your knees form a 90 degree angle, with your feet resting comfortably on the ground; then lower it or lift it, so that it is just below the elbows, with your arms following a straight line.

  • Monitor at an arm’s length: it should match the length of your arms, with your fists closed. Make sure the upper side of the monitor is aligned with your eyes, to prevent any neck tension.

  • Mouse and keyboard close by: so you don’t have to stretch our your hands to use them. Your wrists should be straight and your forearms aligned.

  • Lighting: apart from natural light, you should have at least two light points. A ceiling lamp and an adjustable desk lamp: they will help you see better and focus.

  • Smartphone apps: the Internet can help you schedule and optimize your days. With the hOn app you can manage all your smart appliances remotely: turn on your oven and, while you work, it can cook your lunch. Did you forget to turn your dishwasher on? You can start it during a videocall!

With a little bit of care, you can set up a home office that has nothing to envy to your real office!

11 October 2021 hOn